Integrating Innovative Approaches for Competitive and Sustainable Performance across the Mediterranean Aquaculture Value Chain

INDUSTRY FORUM: Sustainable Solutions to Address Sea Bass and Sea Bream Farming Challenges in the Mediterranean

More than 80 aquaculture industry and research representatives participated in the Industry Forum “Sustainable Solutions to Address Sea Bass and Sea Bream farming in the Mediterranean”, jointly organised by the PerformFISH and MedAID projects.

The aim of the forum was to communicate the main results obtained within both projects to aquaculture experts. The event was held at the Aquaculture Europe conference in Berlin, one of the key events in the calendar for the industry.

PerformFISH partners presented tangible solutions to solve the specific challenges in selective breeding for disease resistance, health and welfare, feeding management, and key indicators to measure performance in Mediterranean farms. MedAID then provided an overview on their latest findings regarding social acceptability and the economics related to production and markets of Mediterranean aquaculture products.

The event ended with an open discussion with the participants to determine how these solutions can be implemented at farm level and the next steps to be carried by the projects in the coming years.

The agenda and the presentations given during the event are available to download below:

Industry Forum Agenda

  1. PerformFISH: Two years later
  2. MedAID: Two years later
  3. Can we fight parasites with genetics?
  4. Towards sustainable and efficient therapeutic strategies in Mediterranean marine aquaculture
  5. Do all deformities matter?
  6. Novel technology to improve feeding management
  7. Key Performance Indicators for efficient benchmarking in Mediterranean Aquaculture
  8. Social acceptability and governance. Stakes, challenges and recent experiences.
  9. Economic findings in production and markets of Mediterranean aquaculture
Page updated: October 16, 2019