Integrating Innovative Approaches for Competitive and Sustainable Performance across the Mediterranean Aquaculture Value Chain


Upcoming Events

AQUACULTURE EUROPE 2020 “The Blue and the Green” – Cork, Ireland, 12-15 April 2021

Cork is a maritime city and port situated on Ireland’s south coast. It is located where the wild Atlantic Ocean meets the wandering gulf stream giving rise to clean and productive growing conditions for shellfish, salmon and sea vegetables. Clearly, it is important to get an understanding of the relationships between offshore upwelling nutrients and land-based enrichment from a rich agricultural catchment. Here, where a traditional green economy rubs shoulders with an ever expanding blue one, we can begin to look into the synergies made possible by sharing a productive coastal catchment.

There is now a momentum in all aspects of food production towards a circular economy whereby we no longer regard waste as a problem to be disposed of, but instead look for ways to make it a resource which can be reused – thereby closing the loop on aquaculture inputs and outputs and reducing environmental impact.

Aquaculture can take the lead in the Blue – Green Bio-Economy and is well placed to lead by example with new technologies such as land-based marine aquaponics, large-scale recirculating marine farms and innovative, integrated freshwater initiatives on brown field sites. When it comes to having a societal impact, recent research has shown that aquaculture products, from seaweed to salmon, should be included as part of a balanced diet from the first 1000 days right through to promoting healthy ageing.

This conference will bring together stakeholders from many diverse disciplines to discuss and debate cross cutting issues such as new circular economies, lifelong health and environmentally sustainable production.

PerformFISH will actively participate in this conference where our partners will present an update on the project results.

Past Events

PerformFISH Annual Meeting – Online, 22-26 June 2020

PerformFISH partners organised the 3rd Annual Meeting of the project on-line from 22-26 June 2020. This meeting focused on reviewing the work carried out during the third year of the project and the next steps for the fourth year.

ParaFishControl Final Conference “Innovative Strategies to Control Parasites in Aquaculture Farms” – Online, 11 March 2020

ParaFishControl held its final event via an online webinar on 11 March 2020. The event, which focused on innovative strategies to control parasites in aquaculture farms, was moved online for safety reasons amidst the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

Five sessions showcased solutions developed by ParaFishControl partners over the project’s five-year duration. These covered topics including: current strategies used to fight parasitic diseases in farmed fish, processes needed to approve new treatments and vaccines in Europe, EU funded research and the new instruments that will be available in future, strategies to help fish farmers to control parasitic diseases in their farms and the new tools and strategies developed within the project to prevent, diagnose and treat parasitic diseases at farm level.

All presentations are now available to watch in full here.

AQUAFARM 2020 – Pordenone, Italy, 19-20 February 2020

AQUAFARM 2020 was held on 19 and 20 February 2020 at the Exhibition Centre of Pordenone, Italy. This international two-day event was dedicated to and reserved for operators of the Euro-Mediterranean sustainable aquaculture industry, one of the food production activities with the highest growth rate worldwide, which supplies 46% of the total amount of fish consumed and is exceeding deep sea fishing as a source of supply.

PerformFISH partners actively participated in this event by providing an overview of the project and its preliminary results in some of the workshops organised within the framework of this event.

Advanced Training “Diagnostics and Prevention for Fish Parasite Control in Aquaculture” – Zaragoza, Spain, 21-25 October 2019

The Advanced Training Course “Diagnostics and Prevention for Fish Parasite Control in Aquaculture” was held in Zaragoza, Spain, from 21 to 25 October 2019. The event was organised by the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM), through the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza (IAMZ), and the ParaFishControl project, with the collaboration of PerformFISH, MedAID, and the University of Zaragoza.

The ParaFishControl, PerformFISH and MedAID projects provided attendants with the their latest techniques to diagnose and prevent parasitic diseases in Mediterranean aquaculture farms, and also shared their insights on newly tested alternative treatments and their efficacy. The practical design of the course will allow the attendants to implement what they have learnt on their day-to-day work.

The MedAID project has now developed two on-line modules based on this training course. The first one is provided by Dr Francesc Padrós from the University of Barcelona and Dr Carlos Zarza from Skretting ARC. This module focuses on parasitic diseases prevention, remediation and mitigation. The second module is provided by Dr Georgios Rigos from the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research and it focuses on the management of parasitic diseases. Both modules are available here:

Industry Forum “Sustainable Solutions to Address Sea Bass and Sea Bream Farming Challenges in the Mediterranean” – Berlin, Germany, 8 October 2019

The aim of the forum was to communicate the main results obtained within both projects to aquaculture experts. The event was held at the Aquaculture Europe conference in Berlin, one of the key events in the calendar for the industry.

PerformFISH partners presented tangible solutions to solve the specific challenges in selective breeding for disease resistance, health and welfare, feeding management, and key indicators to measure performance in Mediterranean farms. MedAID then provided an overview on their latest findings regarding social acceptability and the economics related to production and markets of Mediterranean aquaculture products.

The event ended with an open discussion with the participants to determine how these solutions can be implemented at farm level and the next steps to be carried by the projects in the coming years.

To download the agenda and the presentations given at the Industry Forum, click here.

Aquaculture Europe 2019 – Berlin, Germany, 7-10 October 2019

AE2019 attracted a total participation of just over 2700 from an impressive 85 countries. Of the full conference delegates (more than 1400), 328 were students. The trade show presented products and services from 150 exhibitors. The abstract submission for AE2019 broke all EAS records, with 1039 abstracts received, resulting in 798 oral presentations (all sessions, including workshops and fora) and 443 poster presentations.
PerformFISH had a dedicated booth in the exhibition area were the project partners distributed the factsheets developed within the project and provided information on the preliminary results to all interested participants. The project video was also showcased in this stand.

Workshop “Bottlenecks in Diagnostics of Mediterranean Fish Diseases” – Porto, Portugal, 9 September 2019

MedAIDPerformFISH and ParaFishControl organised the workshop “Bottlenecks in Diagnostics of Mediterranean Fish Diseases” at the 19th International Conference on Diseases of Fish and Shellfish that took place in Porto from 9 to 12 September 2019. The workshop was
held on the 9th September 2019 from 16:00 to 19:00.

The workshop was divided into three sessions. The first session was dedicated to present the different diagnostic techniques employed in Mediterranean fish farms for viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases. The second one was dedicated to working group discussions on the main challenges for the implementation of standardised procedures and the bottlenecks in diagnostics of the mentioned pathogens. The discussion was moderated by experts of MedAID, PerformFISH and ParaFishControl. The final plenary session summarised the bottlenecks identified in the previous session and discuss the way forward to overcome them.

The summary of the discussions and conclusions have been published at the EAFP Bulletin (click here to view full text).Click here to download the programme of the Workshop.

PerformFISH Annual Meeting – Split, Croatia, 28-30 May 2019

PerformFISH project partners met in Split, Croatia to discuss the project preliminary results and the next steps for year three. The meeting was held from 28-30 May 2019.


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