Integrating Innovative Approaches for Competitive and Sustainable Performance across the Mediterranean Aquaculture Value Chain

Register for Free to the PerformFISH Online Training Programme on Integrated Health & Welfare Management in Sea Bream and Sea Bass Aquaculture

As part of its capacity building activity, PerformFISH have designed a training programme on Integrated Health and Welfare Management in Sea Bream and Sea Bass Aquaculture. The first two modules of this training programme will be held on-line between March and April 2021. The courses will be based on multidisciplinary integrated diagnostic approach and effective management of preventive, therapeutic and welfare measures focusing on the findings of the PerformFISH project.

Module 1 has been designed as specialised case study discussions on how to manage a health issue on a sea bass / sea bream farm. Three short online sessions (90 minutes) have been tailored for sea bass and sea bream health and welfare experts. The experts attending will be provided with a mock case designed by the organising team based on real situations in sea bream and sea bass health and disease management. The mock cases will be sent to the selected attendees two days in advance. Attendees will be requested to send in advance, and present in the session, their own proposed recommendations or proposed solutions for each case. During the 90 minutes sessions, all proposals will be shared and discussed.

Module 2 is divided into three short training courses that will be held online. The courses will focus on different aspects of diagnostics in sea bass and sea bream diseases and health management such as basic diagnostic methodologies and protocols, specific parasitological diagnostic and specific diagnostic methodologies, and protocols in microbiology. Advances, methods, and standards derived from the different PerformFISH activities will also be presented in these sessions.

For more information about these training opportunities and to register, visit the PerformFISH website: or download the training programme flyer.