Integrating Innovative Approaches for Competitive and Sustainable Performance across the Mediterranean Aquaculture Value Chain

Health and Welfare Programmes for Sea bass and Sea bream Production in the Mediterranean

Fish welfare and fish health are key aspects addressed in PerformFISH, with Work Package 3: ‘Boosting Fish health at all Lifecycle Stages’ designed specifically with this in mind.

In this WP, fish health in Mediterranean finfish production is addressed in a holistic way to provide the industry with efficient tools and guidelines for responsible and sustainable farming practices. The optimisation of well-being and health of the sea bass and sea bream throughout the production cycle addressed in PerformFISH covers the identification, control and reduction of diseases and their impacts. Management factors that can affect growth, behaviour and performance are also identified and improved upon. In this WP PerformFISH also specially focuses on the identification and improvement of all risk factors (including design of the facilities and management practices) that can prevent the onset, expression and dispersion of diseases. Finally, in WP3 disease control is extensively covered, with an interesting approach towards a more efficient use of current and alternative medicines in order to answer the increasing demands of rationalisation and reduction of the use medicines, in the framework of the “One Health” concept.  For PerformFISH, well-reared and healthy Mediterranean sea bream and sea bass fish are the basis for sustainable, high quality and healthy fish food for the future.